I don’t know why people think it’s so hard

I bet you’re saying, “Children and chickens? That’s weird.” Yes, it is, but so are children and chickens. They’re also shockingly similar, which is why I grouped them together.

Think about it. They’re cocky little beasts that strut around, making shrill noises while pecking at your heels and begging for…

It’s a light that shines because of the darkness

I don’t suffer from a mental illness, but I know many people that do. I’ve helplessly watched friends and family struggle with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, hoarding disorder; the list could go on.

I’ve lost people to suicide. I watched a close friend dismantle lives by…


My exact process in easily digestible steps, from the mental breakdown to the flaunting

Just so we’re clear, this isn’t for the faint of heart. If hard work, long nights, and other people’s blood make you uncomfortable, then it’s time to move on to a different article.

I’m not trying to scare anyone off, but there are certain things you must do if you…


In 5 seriously easy steps I absolutely swear you’ve never heard before

Clickbait has never been my thing, but I can be honest now that I have your attention. Those claims in the headline aren’t true yet, but they will be soon. Instead, I offer you something more intriguing. I have a surefire way for you to make money as a writer…

When you know the real enemy, you can choose the right tools to defeat it.

Time to confess. I’m that annoying friend who’s usually late. It might be 2 minutes, or it might be 20. I’ve gotten better over the years, but it’s still at the “consistent” level.

Sometimes I’m actually on time or even early, but I say that with unjustified pride. It’s like…

The best problems are first-world ones

Sometimes I think we must sound like the world’s Karen: salty, well-fed, and comfortable with an insatiable need to complain about something.

We know we have it good. We know we gripe over stupid stuff and can laugh at ourselves over it. But sometimes we fail to see how lucky…

Adrienne Koziol

Wife and mom first. Writing, homeschooling, Muay Thai, and BJJ fill in the rest.

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