….everyone knows BOTH sides are full of corruption, right? That neither party really has our best interests in mind? That both candidates will suck in one way or another?

Why can’t we come together on these things? If we sat down and had an ACTUAL CONVERSATION I think we would find that we all want the same things, we just go about it differently. Yet we let these rich, know-it-all bastards tell us what to think and how they’re going to help us, and we fall for it every time. Re-elect the same idiots that sit around on our dollar, accepting bribes and payoffs, arguing over stupid $#!+, while we sit and fight each other. They must laugh at us as they watch us blame each other.

Quit pointing fingers and take the time to actually listen to someone who thinks different than you. Use your head and quit thinking whatever the media/your group says you should think. Look at yourself before you claim someone else is in the wrong.

I’m talking to both sides because everyone is acting like children. Grow up and learn how to think for yourself again. Guarantee if you feel strongly for either side, you’ve been indoctrinated. You’re so set in believing you’re right and they’re wrong that you’re ignoring very real complaints of others. And if this hurts your feelings, you need to let this soak in because I’m definitely talking to you.