So much to say, but I’ll make it brief.

Honestly, the headline made me bristle. I’m conservative and evangelical, but not in the typical sense. Definitely more middle-of-the-road in most areas, and always open to hear other sides. All of them. But, I’m human and fall into the trap of self-preserving biases like everyone else. My subconscious reaction is actually what made me decide to read it. Acknowledge those tendencies to move past them.

Anyways, I appreciate the way you wrote this. Not only was it incredibly well-written, but you didn’t go out of your way to bash anyone. You used facts to point out hypocrisy, and made a valid argument. That’s rare. No slander, hurtful comments, or unreasonable statements.

I only wish both sides could stop feeling so defensive, take a good look in the mirror, and see where they might be falling short. Both sides seep with hypocrisy, anger, and hatred as they fight for power. I honestly believe that both liberals and conservatives fall more in the middle and have more in common then are led to believe. It’s the extremists that make the most noise, get the most attention, and try to speak for everyone else. If they’d shut up, we could find that common ground that I know exists.

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