You’re right. I know too many Christians that idolize the Republican party. They have, as you said, give politics and the Great Commission equal reverence. Their “rights” are more important than their neighbors' needs and sharing the gospel. Politics is divisive at best. These days, nothing draws conclusions quicker than knowing someone’s political stance.

While I see why they fight for the things they do, I also see that they have alienated half of the population, probably more. The world hates Christians not because of Jesus but because of politics and hypocrisy. Sure, it’s easy to point out the faults of the left, there are many, but I don’t know why anyone feels like that’s a valid excuse. I teach my children that we are all accountable for our own actions, regardless of what others do to us. This does not change because we feel right.

The Church here has become very comfortable. I’m not sure when we forgot that this is not our home, that it’s a blessing to be persecuted (and poor- I only hear how blessed we are to have freedom and riches), there is no mention of a Western power in Revelation, and it’s not our job to regulate morality.

Christians shouldn’t be fighting so hard against the people in this world. I think what everyone is really fighting for is their comfort, but no one wants to admit it. They give it fancy names like “freedom.” Instead of being a light in a dark world, their focus is on fixing or maintaining a worldly system destined to fall.

I understand why they do what they do, but as Christians, we should be giving our time and money to the gospel and to helping others. We have no right to say, “You’re fine, you’re not hurting,” if someone says they’re suffering. We are not the hands and feet of Jesus when we say, “You deserve this, I’m not helping you,” to people in need. And we are not acting in love when we judge nonbelievers as if they should somehow have the power to overcome sin.

I heard a lot about God’s will for this country before the elections. He will have His way, but I think it will look far different than what they’re hoping for. Comfort is the enemy of the gospel, and we’ve been comfortable for far too long.

Wife and mom first. Writing, homeschooling, Muay Thai, and BJJ fill in the rest.

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Adrienne Koziol

Adrienne Koziol


Wife and mom first. Writing, homeschooling, Muay Thai, and BJJ fill in the rest.